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DVD 5 "Leather Dommes / rubber toy" Trailer 

3 scenes! Mistress Servalan visits the Compound a second time, and She and Ms Boss decide to reunite over a new rubber doll. They begin by hoisting him up in the air, tantalizing him with their leather, and administering an upper back and butt whipping. Mistress Servalan unzips his package to reveal man meat, and Woman handles it! Next is a paddling while Ms Boss enjoys his front and makes him eat some of his own goo off of Her leather gloves. Rubber face and body slapping takes place too, along with hand spanking. Ms Boss decides to whip his cock and Mistress Servalan gags him with inflatable rubber device for his cock caning. Leather Ladies move their rubber boy to the rotating table for more BDSM fun! Leather glove fetish play with CBT is explored while he hangs sideways. He is turned upside down for boot worship and more cock whipping! The Ladies then decide to take him for a spin. He is woken up with leather implements and glove slapping. French maid on the Berkely Horse Punishment Stockade is punished for poor domestic service. A good hand spanking is in order.

DVD 5 "The Home Disciplinary Invasion" Trailer 

Ms Boss has performed a well orchestrated home invasion on hardenough in the interest of life improvement. She has arrived to find that the home has an "overly masculine edge" and could use a Woman's touch. The scene opens with hardenough's pantied bottom perched high up up upon a punishment bench in corset and heels, while Ms Boss explains as "The American Governess" what She is about to do. She is wearing a long black cape with a hood (along with a necklace holding his chastity key), and later removes it to reveal a corset, garter belt and stockings. This film is heavily influenced by Harriet Marwood - The English Governess. (Hardenough is playing richard.) Stand by for strapping, paddling, tawsing and spanking. Practically every implement (100 with each one) from The London Tanners is demonstrated. Ms Boss keeps the tags on the implements so She can recite what they are - there are so many. Male electro chastity play and whipping are also explored. All of this equipment is available at the Compound to be used on your fanny - so brace yourself!.

DVD 5 "The Arena of Evilena" Trailer 

At the Compound Goddess Evilena is showing Ms Boss her slave "little twat". The Ladies place the miscreant upside down and prepare it as a heavy punching bag for arm and leg work. It's cock and ball area is frequently addressed. The cowardly cunt frequently snivels at his treatment, but the Rubber Ladies don't care. He is hoisted higher for fly kicks. He is removed from suspension and thrown across the couch. Goddess Evilena begins a hypnotic trance on him so he will be able to take CP discipline. The Ladies experiment with hypnosis as a vehicle to program him to become WEAKER. He is rewarded with some worship of Goddess Feet, and then restrained to the spinning bondage table for boxing practice with MMA gloves. He is turned like meat, squeezed and whipped by Ms Boss on the front of his body. While Ms Boss turns him to restain him the other way, Goddess Evilena discusses how she has used hypnosis to train him over the years. She demonstrates some more puches on his hind. He is then spanked and flogged in preparation for more whipping by Ms Boss.

DVD 5 "Cock Mommie 6: Men in Trouble" Trailer

Men have a dress code to follow at the Compound. Women on the other hand, do not. Irene Boss meets Cock Mommie (Madame Nadine) in punishing this casual clown. He is even dressed like a clown to emphasize the point, with a ridiculous mask. He is going to be used as a demonstration tool for Ms Boss to show Madame Nadine what goes on at the studio a little more fully. The Ladies restrain him to a CBT chair for manual NT and CBT. NT clamp are then attached with a "chicken wing" predicament arm bondage position. Ms Boss then demonstrates electric CBT via the Eros Tech. The Ladies decide to get out the clothespins to create a Pinata for their office party. Electric nipple play is explored on many settings. Madame Nadine removes the clothespins with a riding crop. Ms Boss and Madame Nadine speak in Pittsburghese. Corporate Clown is moved to the Cross for a double flogging as well as a paddling and cropping. Round 2 commences. It's worse the second time around. While Madame Nadine twists and electrifies his nipples, Ms Boss whips the clothespins off.

DVD 5 "Capitol Punishment" Trailer 

Scene 1: "Capitol Punishment" is the death of all single life and fucking around when the Mistress decides to put you in chastity. Reprogramming is in order! Domina Irene and Madame Nadine have their caged and metal hooded slave in quite a predicament - pleasure or pain? He is on the waves and then the torment CBT setting for the eros tech, but also experiencing vibrating electric cock bands. He is totally confused about what sensation he will be receiving next. There is a reason for all of this. He has failed in his quest to have a custom chastity device made for himself at Ms Boss's request. Scene 2: After some cage time, he is moved to the Huse bench with a scrotal shock attachment for corporal correction. Ms Boss cranks his legs open and sits on him to keep him down. Madame keeps using a CP implement that he absolutely hates - the "octopus". Ladies love strapping, and use straps often, as well as floggers and vipers! Stern caning is also administered followed by a whipping.

DVD 5 "Balls of Destruction" Trailer 

Ms Boss invites Thora Nang to her private studio Top Secret in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania where they are going to be spending some time relieving stress upon personal slave footsucker. He is positioned on the cross awaiting their ministrations. They inspect his man meat. First he will be flogged, paddled, cropped and then marvelously whipped and caned by the 2 Ladies. The Ladies crop, cane and torment the nut sack. Ms Thora is evil, sweet and petite and the slave has a BDSM crush on her. The action moves to a bondage table with the miscreants head encased in a smother box, and limbs encased in medical restraints so Ms Thora can have her way smothering him with her latex encased ass, and force feeding him her tasty bare feet. A tantalizing toe tease! Ms Boss uses her electric massage gloves for an interesting CBT treatment. The Ladies then trade places and he is smothered by Ms Boss's latex covered bottom and pantyhose encased feet.

DVD 5 "Not tonight we have a session" Trailer 

Scene 1: (20 minutes) Ms Boss suspends her slave in a leather body bag. She sits on him and sensuously rubs him while he is experiencing electroplay and then takes him off the ground by means of a chain hoist. His nipples are completely at her disposal. She adjusts the electricity, flogs him, clamps his nipples and paddles him. She opens the body bag to reveal that he is wearing a leather hood. Ms Boss is getting wet from his suffering, and wipes her juices on his face. Scene 2: (40 minutes) Ms Boss as Harriet Marwood in a strict CP scene, including a long silk robe with hood is absolutely terrifying! "Richard" is tied face down spread eagle on the bed and lectured severely while classical music against a sea scape plays in the background. Very romantic! Ms Boss begins with the convent strap and progresses to many other different straps, tawses and canes. Ms Boss improves upon the bondage and he is gagged. Scene 3: (10 minutes) Ms Boss places her slave in a rubber vacuum bead and teases him mercilessly with a Hitachi magic wand.

DVD 5 "Cock Mommie 5 - 5 Episodes - Fuck Farm"  Trailer

Country style R&R goes awry. While on a vacation with Cockmomie, Muffy marvels at the oversized farm machinery and desperately wants a tour of the grounds, but all she gets is Cockmommie’s stiff rod action over the hayseed hide-a-way. Fingered and fucked in the barn, Cadillac hood banged, wood cart cocked, fishing fellatio and the hottest poolside muff dive and dicking you’ve ever seen. An intense cock sucking stripper dance and a self cleaning hand held shower scene round out this latest Cockmommie classic. Filth encrusted kennel crammed Jillian is set loose in Cockmommie’s very dirty basement to be chained to a sewer pipe and humiliated as usual. Jillian loves to play the popular 60’s game ‘twister’, but Cockmommie changes the rules by blindfolding her. Nice face down ass up leather paddling scene. Making sandwiches was never so much fun. Cockmommie makes lunch right in Jillian’s mouth. Using mustard for skin lotion, Jillian is force to lick the thick gooey condiment from...

DVD 5 "Forced Femme by Four" Trailer 

Scene 1: Skullfuckery! Ms Boss and Madame Nadine are jerking their strapon cocks off in the kitchen of the Compound discussing what is in store for their sequestered slut popcorn lite. This little bitch is really gonna get it! We have had enough of this bitch with all the phone calls and the emails and the pissing me off! Someone is going to be fucked in the mouth and done is the ass for 3 full hours. The Ladies smell fear and slut hole. Mistress Kat and Liz Whitman are filming and giggling. The Itty Bitty Clitty Committee is commenting on popcorn lite's weenis dicky doo. Tiny clit and strapon comparison. How humiliating! The bitch is pinched and prodded while Ms Boss explains the protocol for the evening. For each error a cane stripe will be earned. Feminization commences and is followed by spanking while bitch sucks Cock Mommie's schwantz and gets plugged in preparation for strapon. The plug squeeks right in. The Ladies all take turns and Ms Whitman and Mistress Kat come out from behind the camera and take turns...  

DVD 5 "General Mayhem at your Service" Trailer 

Scene 1: Someone's submissive husband has not been cleaning the house properly. It is also duly noted that Napoleonic subhub forgot the bring Ms Boss (AKA General Mayhem) something that She wanted. Well - mistakes have been made and someone is blamed! He is stationed on the ST Andrew's Cross while his Wife giggles. Ms Boss begins with hand spanking and exclaims "We're going to get to the bottom of this aren't we? When I am finished he's going to be doing a much better job!" Most submissive men would give their right arm to have a Dominant Wife, and this one clearly does not appreciate the privilege. This is why a visit to the Boss was mandatory! His Wife takes photographs while Ms Boss disciplines and the cameras roll. A take home lesson is in the works. Since he is displaying excitement Ms Boss decides to fit him with a Kali's teeth bracelet right after he cumbusts. A very sturdy flogging takes place followed by an upper back whipping with a signal, and then with a bullwhip!

DVD 5 "Boss and Shane's Multi Orgasmic Punishment" Trailer 

Scene 1: Mistress Shane and Domina Irene Boss have a new creature, "slave r", restrained to the punishment bench in her studio Heaven, and they are examining it. It seems quite nervous, yet is extremely horny already. The Ladies decide to test his reflexes by tickling his bare feet and Ms Boss remarks that since he is so hairy he would make a good slave mattress for a cold Belgian evening. Since the Ladies observed his man pussy has been properly man-scaped they make the decision to use it. Ms Boss gives the slave her birthday spanks with a leather paddle. Ms Shane twists his nipples. His cock is as hard as a rock while the Ladies trade places and share the slave. The warm up begins by a solid duo hand spanking. He is made to kiss Ms Boss's glorious ass and feet while Ms Shane paddles him. A double flogging follows and then a strapping. He gets his first whipping from Ms Boss. Of course clothespins are applied to his behind so She has a proper target! Ms Boss whips the clothespins into a central location so Ms Shane can savagely beat them off.

DVD 5 "Surviving Servalan" Trailer 

Part 1 - Scene 1: Superior Scolding and Corporal Correction! This Fem Dom Court is now in session and the Honorable Judge Servalan presides. She is hearing the complaints of Lady Owner Irene Boss against the miscreant hardenough, who is going to be sentenced for unkempt slovenly personal appearance, rude behavior befitting a gentleman, gluttony and laziness. The verbal tongue lashing that ensues about the 4 grievous offenses is not for the faint of heart, but if you are a scolding and domestic discipline fan the frame up for the debauchery that follows is not to be missed! Diddling on the Internet is punishable by hard bare bottomed spanking. Other offenses listed are punishable by caning, paddling and strapping! The slave is behaving immaturely and is going to be treated in an immature manner as a result. The bloopers on this video are worth the price of admission. The comeuppance begins and a naughty "lass" is bent over the dresser for a tandem bare bottom hand spanking. The Ladies take turns holding the subject down. Scene 2: Strapping...

DVD 5 "The Bossy Korruption of Joe Cool" Trailer 

A beautiful Spring day to be sitting on the porch of the Compound enjoying a good chew while texting the new GFs. He soon dumped right over while Ms Boss and Ms Korrupt nose through his phone and take hot pictures of themselves to send to his GFs. He is sequestered in the lobby of the Compound for identity removal. He crawls naked up the stairs into the gothic dungeon. While on the St. Andrew's Cross the Ladies "woman handle" his nipples and balls, and then the nipple clamps and erection zapper come out (an internal metal studded cock sheath). The Ladies engage in some seriously sensuously sadistic predicament CBT and nipple play! While Ms Boss holds him down, Ms Corral Florentine flogs his chest. Ms Boss employs head bondage by means of a very thick leather collar and upper body bondage by means of rope.  It's time to turn the electric cross on (the only one of its kind in the world) while the Ladies apply metal clamps. He is turned for flogging and whipping with many different whips and throw styles, double whipping, Florentine signal whipping, and tandem bull whipping. OUCH!

DVD 5 "Kick Ass Corporal Double Feature" Trailer 

Film 1 (New release) "Pittsburgh Punisher / Tokyo Terror" Irene Boss welcome Mistress Amrita all the way from Japan into her Pittsburgh dungeon to whip, crop and cane a slave. First he is placed in bondage on the whipping pillory. The Ladies wear silk shirts, boots, thick leather belts, and white jodhpurs. Pirate / Equestrienne play anyone? Gorgeous flowing long hair compliments their strict demeanor. He is peppered in clothespins for the Ladies target practice. They break out the bullwhip and signal whip to have some fun! The most stubborn clothespins are removed with riding crops. He is made to clean up the mess. Rotated face out with arms up on the pillory for round two, he must be rebound. Mistress Amrita scratches him and pokes his nipples. Ms Boss bullwhips his balls. OUCH! For flailing about he is then bent over the punishment box for a strong arm judicial style tandem caning from the 2 sadistic sirens. Next time he is going to remain absolutely still for whipping practice, because this is what happens! Film 2 (Re release) "Caned, whipped, kicked, and fucked"! Filmed at Lady Cheyenne's studio in Rhode Island.

DVD 5 "Tickled, Milked, Whipped and Face sat" Trailer 

4 scenes! At the Tickle Asylum Irene Boss has a new victim to torment with her luscious long red fingernails, shimmery sexy pantyhose, see through rubber mini dress and custom fetish platform ankle boots. The corseted prisoner is encased in shiny pantyhose while he is fastened to the rack in metal leg restraint braces and a face sitting head bondage box. Ms Boss's ass and your face is worth your next paycheck indeed, especially when she starts tickling your nipples and sides while she is doing it. This is split screen breath play by rubber encased pantyhose ass. Irene is tickled by the slave's beard through her pantyhose. She tickles his cock and balls through his pantyhose and he begins to get quite excited. She tickles his bare cock and balls with her long luscious red fingernails and rubs her sexy shiny pantyhose legs and leather boots against his bare erect cock and balls. She presses her enormous rubber encased breasts and solid encased pantyhose thighs against his bare erect cock and balls while mercilessly tickling his sides. He laughs and moans hysterically! It's time for satin ribbon predicament cbt torture and he is re - face sat...

DVD 5 "An Officer and her Orifices" Trailer 

Officer Demore is on leave and she is bored.

She has summoned personal trainer Wenona to keep her in tip-top shape before returning to active duty. Trainer Wenona begins the workout lessons but Officer Demore has something else in mind.

Unable to keep from masturbating while watching the sweating hard body Wenona work out, Officer Demore gets caught and pulls rank on the surprised trainer.

Orders are as follows: Shoe worship, shoe fucking, bare hand spanking, flogging, rubber and glass toy anal insertions with oral, front and reverse face sitting, ass licking, electro pad shock, dual metal vaginal and anal electro insertions, pussy eating push-ups, ass kissing push-ups, double-dong dual vibrator fucking and kissing. WOW...where do I sign up? Natali and Wenona are extremely hot in this sex-action packed girl-girl feature. First time filming for Natali and Wenona together.

First time filming for Wenona with MIB. 55 minutes

DVD 5 "Persephone's Punished Princess" Trailer 

Mistress Persephone's 3rd video with MIB Productions! Princess Hel Inferna has applied to be the Compound's new "house girl" with one caveat: She wants free session time in exchange for her services. REALLY? The work better be exemplary, but in this case - of course it isn't. Hel hath no fury like a woman scorned. Extreme tit torments of a tattooed lass of the electrical and metal clamped variety with a riding crop! Violet wands and whartenburg wheels light up the dungeon while Mistress torments the way she wants to. Yes we all know how the saying goes: "It's all about YOU SLAVE who cares what I want". Yah right. Not here and not ever! This slave bitch was forced to be in a video with Mistress Persephone to prove Irene Boss's point. The siren is suspended on a rotating bondage table and sweetly tormented. You will lust after her thick muscular frame and the adorable faces she makes. False eyelashes, long nails, tattoos, vinyl catsuit, corset, unusual facial, genital and ear piercings. Tall dark and Gothic! Mistress Persephone likes to fuck up tall chicks and she certainly delivers here. The miscreant is bent over...

DVD 5 "I only hurt the ones I love" Trailer 

Custom CBT content from MIB Productions! The last video filmed at the Top Secret location in June of 2011. Predicament bondage and cock stretching, silk stocking leg tease, shiny hose, open toed platform shoes, long nail C&B torment, cock mashing with a shoe sole, uniforms, hoods, weights, electrics (PES and violet wand) and signal whipping. The extreme feminine hour glass figure of the Boss commands as she slowly describes everything she is going to do in great detail before she does it. it is very easy to place yourself in the action as much of this is shot POV. Once the slave's cock is stretched out he begins to drip, and Ms Boss forces him to suck it off her finger. SUCK IT! Humiliation with your own "special sauce". His balls are stretched and weighted with a spiked parachute and she begins tormenting with her long luscious nails on his nipples. Sticky pads are applied to the front of the stretched scrotal sac and electro loops are applied to the shaft. Ms Boss talks about her constant hormonal state. Clothespins are attached to his sensitive inner arms for a good signal whipping. She whips his thighs, cock, and...

DVD 5 "Foot fun and fumey fetishes" Trailer

I spent the weekend with this foot slave, and the following video footage documents what went on." Irene Boss light...for those of you who think the Mistress is too severe!" A sensuous rauncho-rama. No - it's not "request-able". He was special. I am on a high stool perched over him, and he is lying on the floor gazing up at my feet. I am wearing red leather high heeled shoes, a red rubber corset, see through panties, stockings, and a large feathered mask. My slave is naked with a small black leather mask. I dangle my feet over his face, teasing him. I tell him that I am going to get him so horny he is going to want to drink my pee and lick the pee from my bare feet. I shove my big toe right into his mouth. Face sitting and smothering - forced unwashed pussy and ass sniffing through panties and pantyhose. He is going to be made horny so I can cane him later! I spit into his mouth. Lots of smothering, ass kissing, face sitting, foot, shoe and leg worship! CBT with my feet and shoes, shoe dangling, and spit dropping. The smell of the Mistress's dirty feet, pussy and ass is even better then straight sex and you know it, you heathen swine!

DVD 5 "Zombie Clinic" Trailer

Carmen Rivera walks into Irene Boss's clinic at the Compound to find a fetish zombie Vanessa who need serious reviving! The nude girl is under a sheet wearing nothing but nipple jewelry. The beautiful Carmen inspects her employing slow sensual spitting with a tongue forcep while she gropes her young hard body in a sexual manner. A pinwheel, nipple clamps, and pussy slapping are introduced. A metal speculum is inserted and then a metal dildo while Dr. Rivera continues the nipple play and then goes back to tongue play while licking the zombie's lips. She is masturbated with the metal dildo and orally fucked. The girl is flogged and bound, and clamps are attached to her pussy lips. Vanessa is placed in her first rubber catsuit in order for the zipper to be strategically unzipped so Dr Carmen can apply the speculum again. The patient is face sat. She mysteriously and briefly revives and begins orally servicing the sexy doctor through her thin rubber thong. A giant vibrator is applied and Vanessa begins squirming before enduring electric violet wand play on her body and pussy while she flops around like a doll. She is turned over for spanking, ass examination, (Read the rest)

DVD 5 "Cock Mommie 4 - You can't clean that kind of dirty" Trailer
Four scenes, bloopers at the end, and ass-tastic trailers from other films!
Scene 1: "You can't clean that kind of dirty"
It's Gonzo for sexy submissive violet in her first ever appearance on film. She is auditioning as a house girl today! We begin with a long look at her topless long legged physique decked out in rubber corset and collar, as she goes through the complete collection of MIB Productions BossDVD.Com films in the lobby of the Compound. Sha-wing! Watch as she bends over. Madame Nadine screams and summons her up the stairs. Walk behind her. She is verbally berated by Madame Nadine for not cleaning the bathrooms properly, and now much be punished. She exclaims "You can't clean that kind of dirty"! Face slapping and shoving ensue. A gum snapping Madame Nadine is not pleased with this performance so far. Somethings gotta give. The now panty-less slave girl is panty gagged on the Andrew's Cross. The muscular miscreants nipples are clamped and she is properly gagged. She is smeared with an irritating lube and tied with rough rope. Read the rest

DVD 5 "The substandard cocksucker part 2" Trailer
5 scenes! Welcome to the continuing humiliating exploits of cinderfella, the man who knows no boundaries. Ms Boss begins the debauchery with a little help from Mistress Chase, Mistress Gemini and eventually TS Mistress Jeanine. The Ladies begin the scene in their street cloths. Ms Boss in a suit, Mistress Chase in jeans, and Mistress Gemini in capri yoga pants. The straight jacketed slut is standing in the middle of the room and the 3 Ladies are decked out in gorgeous rubber and leather fetish attire with heels, stockings and boots. He is forced to strip and the Ladies are extremely verbal throughout. Ms Boss lays the insults on thick. Man boobs and skin tags are discussed aplenty. The bitch is sissified and his atrocious cross dressing skills are crossly examined. TS Mistress Jeannine and her TG collared personal slave arrive just now and pleasantries are exchanged. Cinderfella is told to get into his shoes and lectured about how he is going to clean the entire dungeon after his appointment, especially the skanky  floor he is going to be defiling with his pathetic skin tag of a penis juice. The 3 step sisters are being very mean to the miscreant! Read the rest

DVD 5 "Divas of Domestic Discipline: The Porche Principle / Irene Boss 1&2 - Triple Feature" Trailer
Film 1: Irene Boss has decided to send slave Dave to Porsche Lynn for discipline! Irene had painted his toenails bright red, since he had allowed them to grow out so long again. He is forced into girdle, stocking, high heel shoes and blond bob wig. He looks simply atrocious as a female! He is placed in the caning stockade for a barehanded spanking and is then corrected with leather paddles, straps and canes. He is given a good solid single tailing and then performs foot worship. He is placed in near suspension in the cbt pillory for nipple torture, cock whipping and flogging. He is teased throughout be her sensuous shiny pantyhose covered legs! Don't miss this new video starring this legendary Mistress! Film 2: Errant husband gets caught watching the game without doing chores! OTK spanking with hand and hairbrush, caning, verbal and cross dressing. Ends with husband cleaning house. Ms. Boss wears the pants in this video. Takes place in Her personal living quarters. Film 3: Role play - OTK spanking with hand and hairbrush, caning, belt, bondage, smoking, and cross dressing. 3 costume changes for Ms. Boss. (Film 2 vintage content circa 1995.) 70 minutes

DVD 5 "Assaholics Anonymous / Electric Debauchery Diabolique - Double Feature" Trailer

Film 1: Vanessa has a problem. She is obsessed with ASS! Dr Nadine invited a specialist "Dr Anderson Smith AKA Mistress Renee" from Philadelphia to the rescue. ASS obsessed Vanessa hopes to challenge the sexy specialist, but Dr. Smith prevails in blowing her brain gasket with radical therapy methods proven to cure sexual addictions. Hot female ASSES going up the stairs encased in girdles, t-backs and stockings and frequently - encased in nothing at all. ASS insertions, full ASS worship, female masturbation, ASS smelling, ass licking, rimming, cavity search, vaginal strapon on, ASS tasting, straight jackets, DP, verbal humiliation, ASS to mouth, erotic spitting mouth to mouth, and ASS dialogue. Vanessa announces that Dr Smith's ASS tastes like peaches! Dr Smith introduces her own ASS. Yes it's all about the ASS. Electrical ass insertions. ASS OVERLOAD. You have arrived. Watch the DVD. ASS or air? You decide. Film 2: Electric Debauchery Diabolique - Irene Boss's fierce electrical experiments on a male! The slave is bound to the multi bench in the CBT position. He cannot move anything but his high heeled shoes, gagged, corseted, and collared. 97 minutes

DVD 5 "Forced Femme Double Feature" Trailer

Film one: "Dressed, Stretched and Milked" - Custom private fetish scene footage at it's best! The supplicant is stretched on the rack for Irene's amazing CBT skills wearing his heavy metal locking slave collar. She can walk right up to his balls in the spread eagle position. Mistress in rubber with feathers, garters, shiny black pantyhose and long red 2 inch nails. Sexy!  She rubs her shiny legs all over the slave's panty crotch and begins toying with his nipples. Out comes an inflatable gag. Mistress cuts a hole in slave's pantyhose crotch. Bi polar electric nipple clamps are hooked to slave's nipples. Mistress cranks up the electro and pulls out the vibrator to force a milking.

Film two: "Let's be girls together" - Houseboy gets caught sneaking through the underwear drawer, so Ms. Irene Boss decides he should be forced to go all the way with it! Role play - Complete forced feminine transformation and male maid training. Takes place in the Schoolroom at the Compound, and in Irene Boss's personal living quarters. Circa 1998. 53 minutes.

DVD 5 "Doctors of Ass Destruction" Trailer

Scene 1: Sissy Lynda is being interrogated after her kidnapping by medical asylum doctors Irene Boss and Lady X, by means of poking wooden rods through cage bars to keep her deliciously still with the use of flashing strobe lights as a means of mental torture. house slave Demitri lends a hand. How humiliating for Lynda, not knowing that another male slave was going to be present. Mistress Boss in yoga pants and Chux sneakers and Dom Lady X in Capri pants and heels. Casually and stylishly sexy! The Ladies have the sissies tiny clitty in electric chastity. Scene 2: The manhood bandits! A complete military medical exam is in order. Ladies in luscious latex and Lynda in slut attire. An enema punishment. Ms Boss fingers the bitch and then wipes the ass juice repeatedly under it's nose. The transformation continues with nipple shaving. An antique vibrator is used for treatment and a pin wheel for CBT. Cruel and unusual proctology! Speculum inspections and scoping begin along with the Nova Pro. The Ladies take turns with their strapons. The final experimental procedure takes place with the ass hammer! Ms Boss is rude, witty and sarcastic. 68 minutes.

DVD 5 "Sex and the Sissy" DVD length 60 minutes TRAILER


Irene Boss and Coral Corrupt! Ms Boss walks in and starts smacking the sissy bitches business around. She gives him speech commands, desiring him to speak in high humiliating fake girlish tones. She informs him that the purpose of the video is to make him eat his own cum. She decides to make him more attractive and completely transforms him. Ms Boss is decked out in rubber with a strap-on. Upside down suspension follows with voice activated electro and pussy CBT with flogging. POV cum eating instructions! Ms Boss moves him to a CBT chair for further instruction and verbal humiliation, along with a wig change. He is presented to Ms Coral in this manner. The bitch is paced upon the tilting electric stretching cross and cock stockade for further electric torments including a violet wand. The Ladies then move the miscreant to a bench for a spectacular strap-on on scene. He is made to cum and eat his own spunk. Humiliating cum eating POV!

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DVD 5 "Private Sessions Double Feature Part 1" Trailer

The Demise of little richard:

Scene 1: Watch Richard 50 get beat up by two girls! Face sitting and the kicking clothespins off his balls take place with many other Fem Dom delights. Scene 2: Little Richard is put through his paces in the corporal detention center. Scene 3: Little Richard is suspended by the wrists on his knees and the ladies take turns punching and kicking him in the stomach. 72 minutes

The Substitute Whore: 

Irene Boss and Madame Ingrid are angry! The whore house has not provided the whore they wanted for their amusement. They wanted a whore who could poop on cue and take large toys and a good whipping, but instead they got a low ranking "substitute whore" who can take very little. Listen to Irene shred his ego in a verbal onslaught of humiliating tyranny. Many activities are explored. Strap on sucking, bondage, humiliation, kissing Mistress's beautiful ass, and foot worship. Absolutely hilarious! 23 minutes

DVD 5 "Ultra Busty CBT and Zapped by the Boss - Double Feature" Trailer

Ultra busty CBT: Footsuckers man meat is stretched on the electric X-rack as a latex clad Irene torments and seduces him with her long red fingernails and luscious pantyhose encased legs. She teases his dripping cock sensuously with her fingertips and Wartenburg wheels. (The electric stretching cross itself is actually a giant violet wand!) The nipples of the slave are placed in predicament bondage attached to the collar. Frontal flogging and signal cock whipping melt the slave's resistance. The bondage couch is the place to be! Rubber hood, spike sheath matt and Kali's teeth bracelets with intense cock and ball stretching are on this slave's menu tonight. Many cock stretchers and ball stretchers are demonstrated. 50 minutes. Zapped by the Boss: Pinstripe suit, heels, and vicious red riding crop. The breathing of the underling changes at the site of her! First she gently plays with his nipples while electrocuting his cock, and then begins to lash at his tender exposed white thighs. She then crops his nipples and cock. She then crops his stomach savagely and runs her long nails over his belly and things. She beats him again and touches him sensuously all over. 30 minutes.

DVD 5 "The Joys of Female Domination" DVD length 120 minutes TRAILER


Rubber Doms Irene Boss and Mistress Servalan have just completely corseted their victim. Irene shows off his new dog tags and her long red luscious nails! The Ladies chastise while he in feminized. The sissy slave slut is moved into the medical room to be placed in metal cuffs. Madame Nadine's filthy panties are shoved in the slave's mouth. The Ladies select the piercing needles for his clit and electrify each one and he also receives some intense bi polar electric nipple play, an electric pussy insertion and sounds. More is more! Irene taps her 3 inch ling fingernails against the sounds. Irene has to go in a giant martini glass. The Ladies change into new sexy outfits of leather and latex and the slave is restrained to a custom CBT chair for flogging and is scratched while enjoying his electro predicament and whipping! He is moved to the multi bench for spanking, intense strapping and tawsing! The final bondage position finds the bound slave on his back with balls bound and stretched, body stretched on the rack The Ladies change outfits again, and he receives a luscious thigh caning followed by an ass caning.

DVD 5 "Hotel Hell Triple Feature" TRAILER

Three extreme films created on location in Germany and Japan with slaves of Ms Boss!

Mayhem in Munich - Hotel Invasion, Caning, Whipping, CBT, Face Sitting, Bondage, Live Whipping Show, Mistress in different rubber outfits.

Terror in Tokyo - Hotel Invasion, Bondage, CBT, Whipping, Caning, Electroplay, Strapping, Tawsing, Mistress in rubber, slave cross dressed.

Takeover in Berlin - Hotel Invasion, Bondage, Flogging, Face Sitting, Whipping, Caning, Mistress in rubber, pantyhose and boots.

Total running time 155 minutes.

Looking for the uncut extreme version?

Check out the "Director's Cut DVDs" now available in the online shopping cart!

DVD 5 "Bound Infused Saline Abused" TRAILER Scene 1: Diabolical Dominas Irene and Chase are getting ready to saline infuse their bound political prisoner. The scene begins with CBT chastity ala Kal's teeth bracelet. The dicklet will be at attention this afternoon. The scrotal sack will be filled. Both Ladies have huge breasts and long luscious legs. The gimp bought the  wrong kind of super glue and it appears as if white spooge is oozing from his ball sack. It's time for clothespin treatment and nipple play. Scene 2: The prisoner is placed in standing near suspension for pin mitt play upon his sensitive nipples, a flogging from Mistress Chase, and a whipping from Irene Boss. While Irene savagely whips the slave she gives him an idea of what his alibi should be for having so many marks. Mistress Chase steps in to deliver a good hard spanking. The obnoxious whiny suck tit get's a tandem strapping from the 2 decadent Dominas and cries mercy to no avail, but ignore his safe word in this consensual non-consensual sacrilege of female domination. Onto the caning of his worthless ass, nipples and balls! Irene hugs him while Mistress Chase canes him. Scene 3: Extreme sounds. The prisoner's legs are suspended for salacious strap-on. Interesting strap-on positions! 72 minutes.

DVD 5 "Bikini Switch Bondage Bitch" TRAILER

Goddess Auriana and Kali Kane like to play hard, however on this day, Auriana wants to show off her new pink bikini at the beach and attract all the attention she deserves. Kali has other plans for the day and begs Auriana to stay indoors alone in their hotel room with their plentiful supply of naughty BDSM gear. Auriana agrees.The lusty ladies turn up the heat on each other, switching their BDSM and sexual desires many times. All this with gorgeous french manicured nails and toes! Irene Boss and MIB Productios welcome Goddess Auriana and Kali Kane to it’s roster of beautiful and creative real scene players. Shot in a reality based scene time frame. For lovers of the following fetishes: smoking, cigarette play, pussy smoking, french kissing, bikinis, blue jeans, face sitting, oral worship, ass worship, ass licking, glass dildos, pussy worship, fingering, shoe worship, foot worship, toe worship, handcuff breast bondage, nipple torture, strap-on on play, forced orgasms with Hitachi magic wand. Lot's of POV!

55 minutes.

DVD 5 "Private Sessions Triple Feature Part 2" TRAILER

"Torturing the Sausage"

"Sissy for two"

"The Lesson"

How can you resist a 3 way circus like this? Three completely different fem dom films on one disc starring Irene Boss, Mistress Shane, Lady Cheyenne, Goddess Claudia and Madame Ingrid the Valkyrie!

Two and three Doms against one poor hapless male subby.

Featuring electro play, nipple play, crotch sniffing, foot worship, verbal admonishment, heel sucking, spitting, bondage furniture, cbt, caning, heavy corporal, humiliation, sissy training, strap-on, and consensual/non consensual play, guaranteed to rivet you to the screen.

There is something for everyone in this treacherous triad.

Bizarre and extreme! 1 hour and 45 minutes.

DVD 5 "The French Pornographer" TRAILER

The debut of Mina Meow and Anastasia Pierce on DVD with MIB Productions. The French pornographer is working passionately with her model Mina. A photo shoot and POV video are in perfect order for this edgy, unique artistic project. Into their work, way too much noise is being made, thus summoning Kendra James, head of hotel security. Upon entering the problem room, Kendra finds a very provocative and graphic video shoot taking place. “This must not continue in this five star hotel”, however Anastasia and Mina have a very different plan for the salacious head of security. Try as she might, Kendra cannot fight off the very horny Mina. With the French pornographer at the helm, it does not take long before Kendra is pulled into the mix of their naughty French fuck fest. Engaged in many sexual positions and scenarios, Kendra is soon overwhelmed and begins to enjoy the pornographer’s dirty direction. Anastasia, Kendra and Mina give it their all in this very sexy and original film. Their one of a kind talents, top notch performances and integrated POV footage make this a movie to remember! Also included, stand alone strictly POV footage for your enjoyment.

DVD 5 "Electric Thunder from Down Under" DVD length 50 minutes TRAILER

FEMDOM / CBT / Electricity

Welcome to CBT Clinic of the Diabolical Dr Boss and visiting Clinician Ms Servalan!

A patient is on the gurney at the Compound South.

The electrical examination includes the following treats: Bipolar electric nipple play, a sado massage with electro therapy gloves, C&B with an electric butterfly board, a microphone hook up for voice activated shock, an electro ball vice and crusher, an electric humbler, bi polar electric nipple vices, many shock boxes and their long lovely nails constantly touch and tease.

The Ladies wear luscious rubber and leather ensembles with sexy shiny pantyhose and stiletto heels.

Enjoy the long lingering glances up and down their legs.

Ms Servalan sensuously spits into the slave rubber hood while he is shackled in heavy steel restraints on the motorized hospital bed. It's time for your checkup!

DVD 5 "Machine Screwed" DVD length 80 minutes TRAILER


Triple feature! Movie 1: Madame Nadine has her work cut out for her when she hires two personal trainers to keep her new bodacious house girl Maria in shape but Maria has an exercise plan of her own. She discovers various dildos and a fucking machines and gets caught pleasuring herself and is taken upstairs to the sex lounge for a thorough speculum exam and fuck machine training. Downstairs at the Compound a domestic discipline scene is in progress with a most unusual implement - a broken kitchen table leg. Hel Inferna gets her comeuppance! Introducing Maria, Svetlana and Hel Inferna to the all star Cockmommie cast! Movie 2: Creamed and Cleaned: Cockmommie comes home to a filthy sty at the hands of house brat Jillian. Jillian is used for target practice as Cockmommie wings and flings whipped cream and frozen potato nuggets. A splosher's delight! Jillian’s nude raised ass is decorated with more cream and whacked repeatedly with a very hard red plastic mixing spoon until it breaks. Movie 3: Vanessa's electrical education - demonstrations!

DVD 5 "Irene Boss meets Mistress Wynter" DVD length 136 minutes TRAILER


3 scenes!

Watch what happens when Wynter travels all the way from Wonderland NYC to play with the Boss!

The Ladies share a tasty male toy in the clinic bound in a custom rubber hood with locking collar who endures experiments with sounds and electro play.

This punishment is not enough. Moving into the Victorian Boudoir the recalcitrant slave is cross dressed and bound face down on a lush bed with arm binders, leather corset, and rubber straps for heavy corporal from both Ladies in sexy business attire.

In the industrial chamber the slave is bound on a CBT devise in near suspension with a nipple stretching tower, inflatable butt plug, electric catheter, and electric cbt devices.

Ladies in various costumes appropriate to each scene.

DVD 5 "In the company of Miss Demore" DVD length 73 minutes  TRAILER


Miss Demore owns a successful adult toy manufacturing company and attends a convention in Los Angeles accompanied by her sexy irreplaceable assistant Ariel (whom Miss Demore has been lusting over for quite some time). Unable to control her amorous urges, Miss Demore summons Ariel to her room. Ariel is taken aback by the sexually aggressive intentions of her boss. Miss Demore seduces the young assistant. The two business beauties engage in a private meeting which includes heavy wooden paddling, kissing, nipple torture, pussy spanking, ass eating, pussy eating, flogging, dildo gags, strap-on play, breast caning, hair brush pussy paddling, rope bondage, double dong dildo play and the testing of a secret Russian prototype sexual stimulator. What fun it is to be the boss! Dripping hot with authentic BDSM sex and filmed with two of the top fetish stars inthe business: Natali Demore and Ariel X! Original musical score, multi-angled split screens and an animated version on the same disc highlight this magnificent film. This DVD is a keeper!

DVD 5 "My Big Greek Pain in the Ass" 110 minutes.  TRAILER


Multiple scenes! The Greek patient has an appointment at the CBT clinic of Dr. Boss. He is put through many procedures including electroplay, sounds and chastity. He is straightjacketed and mouthy throughout but Dr. Boss prevails in controlling him. Me think thou doth protest too much! Goat boy is then teased mercilessly with fragrant foot worship. His suffering lent fetish is discussed plentifully. Mistress Persephone teases the slave with her gorgeous thigh high leather boots and black leather outfit. Irene is filming and giggles constantly. He is made to lick Irene's ass sweat for his dinner off a couch. His nipples are trampled with long boot heels. Irene lends a foot to his stocking foot smothering. He gets a good whack in the face for his insubordination and soon winds up tied down to the bondage couch for foot CBT domination and calf locks. It's time for a caning. He is then moved to the jail cell for foot worship. Madame Nadine takes control of the miscreant with boot adoration, bondage, verbal admonishment and foot smothering. Hilarious bonus scene at the end with all 3 Ladies!

DVD 5 "Fetish Thanksgiving" 


55 minutes.

Presenting Domina Gael of Spain in Her video debut with Irene Boss and MIB Productions.

A cornucopia of plenty and someone is plenty horny.

Turkey Footsucker gets stuffed with the entire produce section of the grocery store in this Thanksgiving extravaganza!

The action is playful and surreal with gas masks, full latex, body bags, vac beds, fetish boots, extreme makeup and sexy pantomime games.

The Ladies do voiceovers for much of the dream like action.

4 scenes!

DVD 5 "Mistress Precious rides again!"


105 minutes


A sexy blindfolded bikini clad fem sub is bound to a St. Andrews cross. Irene in long flowing black robe, garters, girdles, heels and hose. Mistress Precious wears a black leather corset, black leather pants and heels. The Ladies begin by subjecting the submissive siren to electric nipple play and the Whartenburg wheel on her body with electric pussy play, flogging and feather tickling.

Scene 2 finds our Luscious Ladies in vinyl, latex, girdles, corsets, stockings, heels and boots for a scrumptious fetish smorgasbord! Angela receives a rough strap on session and plenty of orgasms from the Dominant duo! Mistress Precious decides to go for a ride on Angela's ass during a cage suspension sequence in scene 3. You don't want to miss this!

DVD 5 "Let 'em eat cock!"



Cruising for catholic girls can be fun, especially if your therapist recommends it. Cockmommie is having a mini-meltdown about getting laid, so she calls Dr. Veronica Bitch for an emergency in-home session who advises Cockmommie to find herself some fresh stuff to satisfy her sadistic sexual urges. Driving through the south side of Pittsburgh, they come across a religiously ripe specimen for the plucking. Cockmommie lures Muffy, with promises of sweets into her car. The perverted pair handcuffs Muffy for an assisted walk upstairs. Placed in  jail cell, they tease candy fiend with red licorice and hard cinnamon drops. A birthday party is announced. Dirty dancing soon follows. Muffy then gets her muffin stuffed six ways to a hot fudge Sunday via the very horny Veronica. Camcorder in hand, Cockmommie records the action for obvious reasons. The flexible fuck-toy is very impressive, especially when she takes Mommies' monstrous meat missile like a champion cheerleader.

DVD 5 "Mommie's Home!"



The Debut! Introducing Madame Nadine, Jillians and Ginger. Mommie comes home (after a hard day of nothing) and finds Jillian making vegetarian chili for dinner. She explodes and decides to make Jillian wear it and then she must tongue polish Mommie's boots in the bathroom while Mommie sits on the can smoking. Splosh, food humiliation, bootworship, bare bottom corporal and a sadistic sexy "shower show" with soap in the mouth punishment. This will teach you to have proper dinner ready when Mommie comes home! Rough Dirty Sex in the dungeon at the Compound: DP with anal and speculum exam, searing hot wax treatment while restrained in the sit sling. Doggie style, hair pulling and strap on blow job with verbal humiliation. Hungry Cockmommie is tired and resting her feet after a long day on the show floor at the AVN. She orders room service. Ginger the delivery girl is persuaded to stay for a drink and poker. Guess what? It's Ginger's 21st birthday.

DVD 5 "The Irene Boss Stimulus Package"


What's wrong little brother?

Has the economy got you in the doldrums? Need a little stimulus? Well loosen up that belt my droogs because it's time for a little of the old ultra violet "Irene Boss Stimulus Package".

Here's what can happen... (Extended vacations for businessmen are available.)

You may be placed in...predicament bondage with a cbt parachute.

You might endure a silicon vibrating electric butt plug, electric metal cock rings, electro pads, electric bi polar nipple clamps, various electric metal butt plugs, electro sex gloves, multiple electric silicon cock rings, leather electric cbt sheaths, and many boxes by Rimba, Folsum, Pleasure Tech, and Erostech.

Irene in a grey rubber catsuit and boots. Va va voom and wowie zowie! Special thank you to slave footsucker.

DVD 5 "The firey Rule of Domina Snow!"



Slave sally gets a hard lesson in protocol while visiting Domina Snow when she applies for the position of housegirl. Domina Snow is appalled with Sally’s attire not to mention her smart ass attitude. Strictly questioned and stripped to her horrid green panties, Sally crawls the hard wooden staircase only to be stopped on the third floor landing just outside the sacred Compound dungeon. A good bare hand spanking starts things off, with Sally being reminded of how to properly address the Mistress. Up against the wall in the prone position, sharp swats are delivered by various paddles culminating into a fine strapping. Panties removed for inspection, Sally is then sent to the medical room for a proper pussy shaving at the steady hands of Domina Snow. Properly prepared, sally is now ready to be put through her paces in the Gothic Dungeon. Bound to a one of a kind custom tilting St. Andrews cross, Domina Snow delivers a delight of corporal correction.

DVD 5 "The Asylum Of Dr. Boss / The English Patient"



Irene Boss and Madame Nadine and presenting Vanessa A beautiful young girl, amnesia stricken, disoriented and delusional, is found by the side of the road and is brought to the "special hospital" for women. Dr. Boss and her assistant nurse Madame Nadine, (aka Cockmommie), are on duty this night. After a brief diagnosis and visual inspection, Dr. Boss and her nurse waste no time in administering a heavy dose of "in-patient" insanity. Procedures include a vaginal and anal finger exam, Nova Pro therapy, electrified metal probing of both orifices with vibrator assistance, and strap-on therapy with violet wand electroshock treatment. Throughout her exam, the troubled lass seems to be imagining all sorts of things, like inappropriate behavior and language coming from nurse Nadine and frequent molestation visitations from "Fucker" the clown. Nasty nurse Nadine also decides to give the unstable girl an examination of her own, when Dr. Boss is out.

DVD 5 "Mastering the Macho Masochist"



Irene Boss and Mistress Shane Traveling with a slave through Europe is difficult, and Irene decides to stop over for a visit at Mistress Shane's Studio Heaven in Belgium. Slave dave super masochist needs a good working over and there is nothing in this world like the sadistic energies of two Dominant Ladies! In an Equestrienne mood the Ladies decide on jodhpurs and thigh high boots in leather for Mistress Shane and rubber for Irene Boss. Macho slave is placed over the sturdy whipping bench in the upstairs dungeon. The Ladies make a sport of cropping and whipping clothespins off his ass. Upon the standing cross, the slave worships Female armpits as a reward for enduring cbt with weights, nipple torments with piercing, ball kicking and cock caning. Lastly, the slave earns foot, boot and butt worship. He undresses the Ladies of their boots and sniffs white sweaty socks and sucks sweaty feet clean.

DVD 5 "Pleasing Miss Maya Sinstress"

Miss Maya Sinstress calls Sienna in for a performance meeting, and suggests some extra curricular activities to make office work more enjoyable. A little shy and a little more surprised, Sienna just wants to please her very attractive boss.

Doors locked and all calls on hold, Miss Maya Sinstress takes the sexy and willing natural red head down a salacious path complete with sensuous bondage, tetruss play, strap on sucking, bare hand over the knee spanking, nipple play, dildo training, bare bottom paddling and more.

Ladies dressed in office attire with naughty extras underneath.

Maya Sinstress and Sienna are the perfect match in this very sexy corporate collusion.

46 minutes.

DVD 5 "The substandard cock sucker" 105 minutes. 4 scenes

Why on earth would a slave continue sucking cock in front of 2 Mistresses if he can't even get it properly hard? Welcome to the world of sexual humiliation! (The male slave brain works in mysterious ways.) Slave Monty requests a filmed overnight session with Irene Boss and Mistress Gemini. Little does he know that the Ladies have decided to invite TS Mistress Jeannine over. He is broken down with cross dressing, bondage, cbt, speech restriction (clothespins on tongue) and nipple torture. After a substandard oral performance on Mistress Jeannine's large cock he worships feet while Irene Boss and Ms Gemini take turns punishing his ass. He receives a whipping while in upside down suspension, gets tormented with an electric cock catheter, and is also strapped and caned. Lots of heavy corporal! The Ladies have fun with a little breath control and tease the substandard with their stockinged feet and legs, frequently adjusting their garters.

DVD 5 "Electric cock control" 60 minutes



Irene Boss knows...control the cock - control the man! The human body is comprised of water and muscle, so adding electricity to the mix only adds to the domination. The male slave is restrained on the CBT chair in a leather harness wearing a heavy leather face restraint and parachute with custom brass weights. A good scrotal and ball stretching is in order here. Irene goes to town with the violet wand on the erection preventing metal chastity devise he wears. His thighs are included. A metal egg shaped electric butt plug is inserted and electric bi polar nipple clamps are applied. He is double flogged and thigh cropped. Irene removes the chastity devise to see how many clothespins she can apply and places the head of his penis in predicament bondage attached to his head gear. A very interesting electric butterfly board is demonstrated. Many electrical boxes are put to good use.

DVD 5 "Just Between Girls" 55 minutes



Three scenes! Irene invites her friend Louise D over to play with Angela. Rubber corseted and placed in near suspension, Angela is felt up by the ladies. Louise proceeds to apply hemp rope breast bondage. Irene kisses, caresses and reassures the wide-eyed sexpot. An electric pussy shield is introduced and Angela's panties are placed over her face so she can savor her own excited scent. Her perfect little lunchbox is electrified. She enjoys a light flogging followed by a sound paddling. Angela is restrained to a leather chaise lounge. Kissing and fondling continue. Leather bondage mitts and nylon strapping secure her for some bi polar electric nipple play. Irene attaches a dildo gag to the face of the bound brunette and goes for a ride while Louise serves up some verbal commentary. A hearty foot job is then administered by Louise to her satisfaction.

DVD 5 "BoundCon Bondage Babes - Double Feature" 68 minutes



At the annual Bound Con Irene Boss gets inspired by all the educational bondage demonstrations and decides to film with a couple of submissive beauties! Doesn't MIB Productions have all the fun? Film 1 - "The Capture of Co Co" Irene gets tall and gorgeous Co Co to come back to her hotel suite and ties her up on the bed in some excruciating rope bondage positions! Next Co Co is mummified with saran wrap and duct tape for a really tight sensation, and Irene tickle tortures her poor helpless feet. Then Co Co is talked into experiencing latex suction bondage. This is her very first time and she is highly nervous. Breathtaking play while Irene teases her. 36 minutes  Film 2 - "Sneaky Sylvia Bossy Ass-istant" Beautiful Sylvia has pulled a fast one on Boss Irene. While Irene was out of the country Sylvia decided to turn the business into a bondage hotel without consulting corporate.

DVD 5 "Punished Panty Sniffer"! 64 minutes


Starring the Mz Fawn!

josie gets caught being nosy in Mz Fawn's guest suite while she is visiting Irene Boss at the Compound, looking at Mz Fawn's cell phone and rifling through her belongings.

The last straw was finding the imbecile with it's nose pressed against a fragrant panty crotch.

The slave is strapped over the caning box and paddled.

Next there is nipple play, cock sucking, dildo training, near suspension and floor fucking.

A sadistic pinwheel and pin hammer are used frequently on the freshly surgically enhanced nipples of the titties.

DVD 5 "Beach House Bonanza part 2" 55 minutes



An abomination of domination! Starring Irene Boss, Goddess Claudia, Madame Nadine and Lady Jillian (from the Cock Mommie), assland tom, heelslut and slave dave.

Filmed on location in Florida during MIB Production's famous annual beach house retreat!

Strict Female Supremacy.

4 Doms on 3 subs - the men are outnumbered during 3 simultaneous scenes presented in play party style! Here is what goes on...

Hooded suspension in the Tetruss system with electric cbt and clothespins, hooded bondage on the St. Andrews Cross with heavy nipple play, hooded strap on sucking with strap on humiliation, foot worship, lots of corporal, a spectacular bullwhipping scene and extreme verbal humiliation.

DVD 5 "Thank you Erika!"

52 minutes



Hard working Erika tries to do all the right things, but it’s never good enough for her mean boss Tomiko. Wanting to punish Erika inappropriately, Tomiko attempts to humiliate her with leg strapping.

Erika refuses to take this “bullshit from the boss” any longer and turns the corporate tables.

Shackled, disrobed and bound, Tomiko must submit to Erika’s erotic wishes or be discovered.

Scenes include leg strapping, ball gagging, nipple play, breast slapping, OTK bare hand spanking, rope bondage, verbal humiliation and self pleasuring.

Short skirts and business attire round off this sexy office role reversal romp.

DVD 5 "Beach House Bonanza part 1" 70 minutes



An abomination of domination! Starring Irene Boss, Goddess Claudia and assland tom. Introducing the first time appearances of Madame Nadine and Lady Jillian from the Cock Mommie series. Filmed on location in Florida. Find out what happened at MIB Production's famous annual beach house retreat! Strict Female Supremacy. We begin with Goddess Claudia and Irene Boss ravaging a male slave in the bedroom who is wearing a spectacular rubber hood. Big dick gagging strap on training! Irene shaves his ass. He is harnessed in suspension for strap on blow jobs, electric plug insertion and spitting. The slave is bent over the dinner table Linda Lovelace style for a DP by the two Ladies. Scene two - Madame Nadine and Lady Jillian place the slave on the metal St. Andrew's cross in a humiliating jock strap mask. Lady Jillian dances and teases while Madame Nadine humiliates him. The Ladies engage in CBT, nipple torture, and strap on sucking.

DVD 5 "Fuck or be fired" 45 minutes



BOARDROOM DEBAUCHERY EXPOSED! First time MIB appearances for Natali Demore, Maya Sinstress, Kendra James and Caroline Pierce. All female office sex scandal! High powered with sexual agenda. Make Out parties and dirty conference calls are common place. Penetration a must for Promotion. Lunchroom gangbangs a normal occurrence. Big Dick strap on contests overshadow productivity, and so called meetings are an excuse for masturbation and fucking subordinates. Corporate cunt club gets shut down. CORPORATE EXPOSE BECOMES BEST SELLER! Taped boardroom orgies sold to highest bidder and record internet downloads. Talk of DVD sales but no comment from Execs. Victims refuse to talk and want to keep their jobs. Lives ruined and humongous lawsuits are pending. The company is overwhelmed with new job apps. Orders from top are fuck or be fired! Suck a dick and get a raise mentality. Employee swap ring is investigated. Suck me off for a sick day memo found. Car pool or cum pool. Hint of a Pro Dom connection.

DVD 5 "Dom Con LA Volume 2 (of 4)"



A cacophony of bizarre Fem Dom action - 14 scenes!

Domina credits

Lady Hillary ~ Mistress Eve Minax ~ Mistress San ~ Mistress Anna Valentina ~ Mistress Ellen ~ TS Mistress Jeannine ~ Domina Snow ~ Mistress Astria
Mistress Heather ~ Mistress Xena ~ Mistress Simone ~ Mistress LunaSea ~ Lady Aylha ~ Mistress Thora Nang ~ Goddess Genesis
submissive credits - danny boy, slave monty, slave janet, Marty the Duck, Natalie, Etienne, Ariel Hope, mike, princess jenn, photodog, slave hovis, Wuggie, slave piggy, and cbt slave t

DVD 5 "The Penetration of Angela"



Presenting Angela and Mz Fawn. (An MIB Productions Girl/girl film.) The premise: Caught in the act of. Angela has led Irene Boss to believe during her interview that she is a prim and proper young lady who has no interest in the more erotic aspects of BDSM. She has signed on to be Irenes new domestic servant, and since Irene has had a lot of problems with these mischievous girls in the past, Angela indeed seems like a breath of fresh air! While she is cleaning Mz Fawns guest room she comes across a strange stash of pornography! Since Fawn and Irene have left for the day, Angela decides to explore the stash. She gets *very comfortable* on the bed and starts lasciviously savoring the smut! She lingers over certain pictorials and dog ears the pages. Mz Fawn has forgotten her cell phone and must return to the Compound. Irene and Fawn go right up the stairs into the Guest room to find Angela laying on the bed with her legs spread.


DVD 5 "North meets South / Gagged and Plugged"


What happens when you get 2 strict Dominant Ladies together with a mouthy masochist male? Well - they feed off each Others sadistic energies! Leather bondage for the slave in this new feature with CBT, clothespins, face sitting, violet wand, 2 diabolical nipple stretching towers and a gas mask to muffle the the screams. Ladies love caning and they have the perfect masochist bent over the punishment box for Their lusts. He is strapped, whipped and explores sensations from tandem single tailing while Film 2: Mistress Irene disciplines a lousy housekeeper in the kitchen of Her studio. Her bare feet are very dirty from the slave's poor cleaning skills and She makes him lick them clean. Kitchen corporal and electric butt plug insertion. OTK, caning and paddling. Foot dangling at the cameras while Irene scolds. Follow Her up the stairs. Mooning POV - She tells you exactly what you can do with your nasty fantasy because She knows all about it. The slave is made to clean the bathroom. Irene decides to train the slave by inserting an enormous plug into his mangina. He simply must do a better job!

DVD 5 "Sound, Cane and Saline Solution!"  TRAILER


Scene 1 - Leather Domina Doctor Boss gets diabolical! Irene has her buckskin on and someone is horny. He has been summoned to the Compound for treatment. He is strapped down to the leather bondage chair with a gag, hood and mitts. His C&B is placed in the erection zapper to be made soft for the sound checkup! His nipples are callipered and stretched in a predicament. Every time he moves his body he pulls on his poor aching nipples. In between each cock hole stretching he is made soft again with the Wartenburg wheel. The sounds go up in size! Scene 2 - Irene changes into a rubber bra and tight black pants. The slaves nipples are placed in bipolar electric nipple clamps and he goes into a straight jacket with a hood and gag. He is bound on the leather bondage couch and his scrotal sac is inflated with saline. This is a lengthy procedure and a good chastity method! Later the saline will migrate into the shaft of his cock, making it appear quite swollen and huge.

DVD 5 "Gimpy gets fingered!"



Holy dildo training bat man! BDSM circus theatrics extraordinaire!

The scene opens with slave gimpy in a flying suspension leather bondage hog-tie and CBT weighted parachute. He is wearing a custom rubber vision restriction and breath play hood.

While he is flying the Ladies have a good time with crops, canes and fingering. Irene then uses not two, but four single tail whips on him -(two in each hand).

He howls at the moon! He demonstrates a second rubber breath control hood while being dildo trained; gasping for breath throughout. Irene in red rubber dress, pants and garter belt with leather ankle boots and Gemini in black mini dress and black satin corset with black backless ankle boots. Drool over the outfits, slave! For fans of breath play, suspension and extremely bizarre bondage! 

DVD 5 "Reprogramming at Residenz Avalon"



The reprogramming of a slave can only happen if an extreme measure is taken to reduce the ego, and thats exactly what Irene Boss does while She travels with Her slave throughout Europe. The slaves grooming rituals have been throwing off the company schedule each day, so She decides to remove the problem - his hair. He is also interrogated about his slave status and dominated in the large subterranean rooms of the Residenze Avalon in Berlin Germany in order to prove his devotion to Her. There are many remarkable scenes including suspension in a steel ball, caging, whipping, strict corporal punishment, and jail cell time in various cells. He is straight jacketed and also corrected on the CBT Cross in a kneeling position on cement floors. Great sound too for fetishists of high heels, as you get to listen to Irene strut Her stuff throughout the bunkers.

DVD 5 AMARAY "The Korruption of Angela!"



Coral Korrupt and Angelas debut on DVD! Our story begins with Angela secretly admiring Irene’s video collection sprawled on a luxurious gothic king size bed in the Compound’s punishment boudoir. Hearing Irene and Ms. Coral ascending the stairs prompts an attempt to hide her visual vice. Irene and Ms. Korrupt enter the bedroom with Pravda and pomegranate cocktails in hand with a relaxing, reclusive slumber party in mind. Girl talk, a bit of footsy and a chaotic pillow fight follow. Angela’s not so closely guarded secret is soon discovered and the two dominant ladies have their way with the tanned, hard bodied tart. Stripped of her clothing, saran wrapped, girl tossed and tickled, Irene applies the “Hitachi Magic Wand” to Angela’s soon to be invaded glistening wet pussy. Ms. Korrupt inserts one, then two fingers with well metered thrusts, then smears the camera lens with the fresh love juice as Angela continues to cum. The “Hitachi”, now in the hands of Coral!

DVD 5 AMARAY "Excruciating Experiences in CBT!"



The hourglass sifts, as the slave is made aware of the duration of his experience! Suspended in a leather sling, Irene proceeds to attach an erection zapper to slave Dave’s not so private area. She is able to fit only one of the tanned testicles into the ring, but this does not prevent The Boss from administering a squeezing and scratching intro to what is about to happen. Irene then puts a few household hardware items to good use, such as a metal lint trap and hose clamps. The offending organ is chaffed and pinched as she wrestles to wrap the metal mesh tightly around the shaft for better violet wand conduction. The sadistic purple spark crawls at Irene’s hand, Dave screaming and writhing. The squeezing and stainless steel pressure of the hose clamps are applied to the unprotected package with more violet violence. Not enough…a surgical steel sound is excruciatingly inserted into the restricted shaft which results in some interesting squealing and moaning.

DVD 5 AMARAY "You are Caned"

DOUBLE FEATURE / FEM DOM - BDSM / SPANKING Two MIB Classics! Naughty neighbor gets caught snooping through the mail! Face slapping, paddling, spanking, caning, foot worship, punishment lines. Boss wears sexy fishnets and a black leather bikini with 5” black leather high heels under a dress, which is removed in the middle of the video. Takes place in the schoolroom at the Compound.

"You were late!" Lots of cbt including electric PES. Little Johnny gets placed in a spread eagle standing bondage position to be flogged, whipped and spanked. He is placed down on the ground for some dildo training at the end. Ms. Boss is very verbal and disciplinary throughout. If you have ever been late for a session, you know exactly what this feels like! Ms. Boss in supple skintight black leather pants boots and bra. Takes place in the gothic dungeon.

DVD 5 AMARAY "Good Vibrations"  



Irene visits Mistress Shane. Both Ladies are examining the creature known as Gladys. Irene asks Mistress Shane why she enjoys punishing this particular slave, and Shane responds its because Gladys has a greedy pussy. Gladys is tied to a pillory in rope bondage with one leg up for cropping, teasing, cbt and chest flogging. Gladys cummes while being flogged. The Ladies turn Gladys around for more of the same and scratch him too! Gladys orgasms over and over again in his panties. Gladys is restrained face up on the black leather bondage table for nipple torture and chest flogging. He receives a good fingering. The spanking bench is demonstrated. A tandem bare handed warm up spanking is followed by a paddling, good hard whipping, caning, and strapping with a spiked implement. Gladys is filled with a vibrating egg and left alone to squirm and shudder, orgasming anally over and over and over again.  Irene Boss and Mistress Shane wear gorgeous rubber ensembles.

DVD 5 AMARAY "Punished houseboy"



Find out what happens to little Johnny when chores aren’t finished! Role play - Severe corporal discipline, with many implements - Spanking horse, tawse, razor straps, rulers, custom made paddles, corner time and verbal. The spanking horse is put to use after a good OTK warm up. Boss wears a white satin strapless corset with a black slit skirt and sensible shoes. Takes place in the schoolroom.

"Sissy for Morgana"

Strict school room fantasy! Mistress Morgana gives sherri an important lesson in corporal. Cross dressed sherri is disciplined with the paddles and cane over the punishment box and horse. Intensely verbal throughout. Ms. Morgan in short black cocktail style dress, bare legs, and sexy open toed black patent leather strappy high heels.

DVD 5 AMARAY "Tickled Stan the stockroom sam"

(F/m) Irene and her assistant are getting the distribution orders ready to go out after the AVN trade show. Stan gets rude and sassy. The Ladies decide to punish Stan with heavy bondage, tickling and very heavy spanking. Christine straps Stans behind so hard she breaks Irenes razor strap! They tickle Stan so intensely he starts to cough from all the laughter. He is smothered by Irene in black pantyhose, while Christine continues tickling his helpless feet and strapping his exposed tender bottom. Merciless tickling, spanking, and bondage!

"Tickle Torture Interrogation"


Starring Irene Boss, Goddess Amazon and submissive Nathalie. Description: Scene 1: East German Army officer Irene Boss finds out that sub slut soldier Nathalie is not wearing her army issue regulation  underwear. She has opted for black lacy frillies from Victoria Secret instead! She is placed in strict bondage and tickle tortured to confess on the Compounds new OBGYN table in the Gothic Dungeon.

DVD 5 AMARAY "Rubber Dream"  



Introducing Mistress Anastasia and submissive Nadine in their first appearance! Mistress Anastasia and The Boss decide to give this 21 year old girl a heavy orientation into the world of bondage, rubber, spanking, suspension, high heeled punishment shoes, and electricity. Violet wand, shock pads, flogging, breast bondage, sensuous torment, inflatable rubber body bag, and rubber hobble skirt. A fetishist/bondage enthusiasts dream come true!

"Leather Girls"

Eves debut on film. Mistress Anastasia and The Boss give a hapless lady professor a formal education. Incredible bondage scenes including a remarkable suspension in a chair... light to moderate spanking and humiliation. Single tailed whipping, dildo training, spanking, flogging and verbal humiliation.

DVD 5 AMARAY "Branded by the Boss"  



Irenes slave is giving her a rickshaw ride in Frick Park at 6 am one cold blustery November day. The park is silent, its just Irene and her slaves in the cold morning air with the falling leaves and the early morning sun. Giddy up! Then its time to return to the Compound.

He is placed in a straight jacket to prevent any attempts to flee and placed on the floor while Irene tramples his balls for awhile in shoes and then stocking covered feet.

"Irene Boss presents Mistress Fawn - Punishment for fun!"

This is the gorgeous blonde Mistress Fawns debut with MIB Productions (BossDVD.Com)  Irenes branded boy is hosted upside down in the air for Mistress Fawns pleasure. His arms are bound with hemp rope and attached to the whipping post.

DVD 5 AMARAY "Hang out"


Scene one - Extreme electrical entertainment by the Boss! Irene is diabolical, and wears the clothes to prove it. This several scene production features her in tight black vinyl and spandex cat suits with different black leather face masks, spiked corset, leather gloves and very high black vinyl fetish boots. Hot Hot Hot! Her slave is on the ground and she is preparing him for upside down suspension. She digs her heels into his balls and hoists him up like a side of beef, and now its time for some remote controlled electric ball shocking! (Irene loves using her toys and abusing her boys.) A fantastic scene follows with 2 signal whips - one long and one short. Irene is very skilled and thrashes him severely without breaking his skin! He is gagged by Irenes leather gloves. He is brought down to the ground for high heel worship and face sitting. She administers extreme electric nipple play, and places his balls into a metal electric cbt devise. Scene two - The slave is restrained to a low black leather bondage couch in black leather bondage mitts and an electric C&B vice.

DVD 5 AMARAY "Goddess Claudia and the Hee Haw bitch"


Strict discipline in the Compounds OWK room. Filmed by Boss and slave girl whisper. Watch Goddess Claudia give former Compound houseboy little Johnny proper discipline for being late to his session. She had planned a sensuous session, but Johnny had disrespected her time. There is a lot of spanking and paddling in this video, as well as intense boot worship. Claudia wears gorgeous custom made corset and thigh high leather boots. There is a lot of humor! Find out the rest of the story! Excellent camera angles. 

"Boot Camp"

2 slaves compete in a contest of hairbrush spanking to see who earns the right to worship Irene’s boots! One slave shows up early and gets a good slap across the face! Spanking, caning, and bondage. The special caning stockade and spanking bench are used. Boss in supple skintight black leather pants boots and bra. Takes place in lobby and schoolroom. 

DVD 5 AMARAY "Mistress Amrita - Authentic Japanese Rope Bondage and "Hanging Whore"


This is the beautiful Japanese Mistress Amritas debut with MIB Productions (BossDVD.Com) He will never be the same after experiencing this, and neither will you after viewing it! The Japanese siren approaches the slave boy by grabbing his nipples and pulling him towards her. She is strong and ties him quickly with his hands behind his back. She is quiet, so you here the ropes being pulled, his breath and her heels. The first suspension position is a spread eagle upside down. She tortures his nipples with her heels. She pulls him by his C&B and make him kiss her gorgeous ass! Then, nipple torture with the twisting ropes. He is very loud. Much bare handed spanking! In position 2 the slave is suspended face downwards and Mistress Amrita hoists him cruelly and pulls his hair. A nice victory pose - she has bagged a big one! She spins him, continuing to torture his nipples. He is gagged with paper towels. Mistress Amrita wears a gorgeous vinyl flame corset and matching g-string with high heeled open toed platforms in this video.

DVD 5 AMARAY "Irene Boss meets Betka Schpitz"

DOUBLE FEATURE / FEM DOM - BDSM / SPANKING / STRAPON (and the adventures of fuck-hole)

 The first sequence filmed by Irene Boss, and the second sequence is filmed by Betka Schpitz. Realistic session footage - very spontaneous. The Ladies had a field day! After being christened with a new name by Domina Betka Schpitz, transfat is dressed in a very provocative and slutty outfit with exotic make up and heels. Betka then takes transfat into the schoolroom so she can try out Irenes new signal whip on the bitch. Transfat is bent over the punishment box and is severely thrashed. Irene also jumps in to apply a few lashes.

"Karas caning"

Karas debut on film. Two students get caught making out! They get sent to Detention and Sex Education 101! Role play with male and female submissive and one Dominant Woman. Ms. kara gets caught calling Ms. Boss a bitch, and gets sentenced to a tawsing and a caning. Both are spanked OTK. Reform school style discipline. Paddling, spanking, caning - many implements used, very verbal.

DVD 5 "Dom Con LA Volume 4 (of 4)"



A cacophony of bizarre Fem Dom action - 14 scenes!

Domina credits

Lady Hillary ~ Mistress Eve Minax ~ Mistress San ~ Mistress Anna Valentina ~ Mistress Ellen ~ TS Mistress Jeannine ~ Domina Snow ~ Mistress Astria
Mistress Heather ~ Mistress Xena ~ Mistress Simone ~ Mistress LunaSea ~ Lady Aylha ~ Mistress Thora Nang ~ Goddess Genesis

submissive credits

danny boy, slave monty, slave janet, Marty the Duck, Natalie, Etienne, Ariel  Hope, mike, princess jenn, photodog, slave hovis, Wuggie, slave piggy, and cbt slave t

DVD 5 "Cry and Squirt for me!"



Irene Boss takes charge once again in this rope bondage/suspension extravaganza, featuring Babee Kat, a big breasted fresh faced Betty Page look a like.

Multiple scenes include three suspension positions; seated, horizontal and standing head harness. Witness Irenes beautiful breast bondage, rope corseting and knots galore.

Watch as the  electric hoist raises the more than ample bottom of the vivacious vixen to the waiting paddle of the Boss.

Squirm with Babee Kat as her swollen clitoris is vibrated to orgasm in several hot inescapable positions. Her voluptuous mammaries are then flowered with clothespins as Irene makes the poor girl cry with pain and squirt for joy in this sexy, salacious and sensual film.

DVD 5 "Dom Con LA Volume 3 (of 4)"  



A cacophony of bizarre Fem Dom action - 14 scenes!

Domina credits

Lady Hillary ~ Mistress Eve Minax ~ Mistress San ~ Mistress Anna Valentina ~ Mistress Ellen ~ TS Mistress Jeannine ~ Domina Snow ~ Mistress Astria
Mistress Heather ~ Mistress Xena ~ Mistress Simone ~ Mistress LunaSea ~ Lady Aylha ~ Mistress Thora Nang ~ Goddess Genesis

submissive credits

danny boy, slave monty, slave janet, Marty the Duck, Natalie, Etienne, Ariel  Hope, mike, princess jenn, photodog, slave hovis, Wuggie, slave piggy, and cbt slave t

DVD 5 "The Evil Dr. Boss"  



Scene 1: Examination of man-­whore begins with the thing slung up and bound to the suspending chains, with both busty Evil Dr. Boss and sadistic nurse Kat at either end. Irene sprays the man-cunt with perfume in an attempt make the preposterous procedures more enjoyable, and then dilates the stinky slot with a small metal toy, while breast enlargement takes place with vacuum cups. Nipple grabbers follow with horrific howling from the helpless he-bitch. Double electric butt toys follow into the hungry hole as Mistress Kat applies grotesque garish make up to the wanna-be bitch. Next, electro shock to the clitty in preparation for a good solid caning by the two ladies. Scene 2: Nurse Kat dons the vampire gloves to administer a much needed pricking of the bitch¹s already sore breast area. Dr. Boss inserts yet another larger electric metal toy into this bottomless pit of an ass.  Irene then places an electric cock ring over the whore¹s tiny business and shocks to shrinkage.

DVD 5 "Irene Boss meets Dante Posh"  


DOUBLE FEATURE / FEM DOM / BIZARRE INSERTIONS / WHIPPING / ELECTROPLAY / CANING / SUSPENSION / SPITTING / FACE SITTING A drink to remember. Bottoms up and lets have a toast! The Ladies let loose on footsucker in this bizarre fetish exploration. Witness rubber Mistress bladder pants. Seeing is believing! The slave, in a suspension harness, bears a double single tailing after an extremely severe caning. Canes are broken and its brutal. Huge dildo insertions, fingering, face sitting, scratching, spitting, smothering and electro CBT and nipple play. Irene in see through blue rubber cat suit with black knee high fetish boots. Dante in black rubber mini dress and stilettos. Sexy, witty, and outrageous behavior from two decadent Dominas!

The Posh Punishment FEM DOM - TT / CBT / INSERTIONS / TS / CP  Loose lips sink ships! A servant house slave had the audacity to complain that Dante Posh made him wait too long as her chauffeur.

DVD 5 "Private Sessions Triple feature!"  


See what happens at the Compound...Film one - Private Sessions Bondage 3: Irene begins with bedspring bondage. The slave is bound to a bare metal frame bed complete with pinching springs and cold steel. Nipple torture, nt, cbt and butt plug insertion soon follow. Tickling is also administered in this first scene. The slave is then bound over a custom bondage apparatus where Irene brings forth a heavy dose of classical corporal - paddling, birching and caning. Taken to the Gothic Dungeon, the nearly spent slave is sling fucked and vibrated to orgasm. Film 2 - Poking and Piercing Several examples of ‘butt play’ - toys and strap-ons with cross dressed sissy sluts. Giant dildo training, metal butt plug and CBT/nipple play. Strap on sucking and porno style strap-on fucking too. Look through the eyes of the slaves, (MIB Exclusive virtual reality glasses). Cameo by Mistress Anastasia. Film 3 - Bound at the Compound A good example of a Mistress giving some positive reinforcement and praise to a submissive cross dresser.

DVD 5 AMARAY "Employee Blues"


Find out what happens when Irene leaves her 58 year old houseboy alone with the new 19 year old intern. He tries to get over but Missy prevails in controlling him. OTK hand and hairbrush spanking, face slapping, servitude, humiliation and foot worship. Very verbal.

Sent to the Boss Smoking is a filthy disgusting habit and you will be punished! Lady Victoria and Mistress Kat find a naughty student smoking in the schoolroom, so they decide to send him to the Boss. They push him violently to the floor and shackle in the schoolroom with metal ankle and wrist cuffs, and march him down the stairs into the off-limits office. Boss makes him eat a cigarette and spanks him soundly. All the Ladies take turns. Extreme face slapping scene. Reform school style discipline. Punishment lines, paddling, spanking.

DVD 5 AMARAY "X Marks the Spot"  


Scene 1: Irene invites her friend Dom Lady X (piercing specialist) over to the compound to have some fun on a bound slave. We begin with Dave in upright suspension while Dom Lady X prepares his nipples by shaving them. His nipples are then thoroughly tortured with heavy clamps, cord, and weights. He wears a spiked CBT shield on his pathetic penis. His backside is paddled too. The Ladies are wearing very sexy stretchy dresses to outline their curves and high heeled shoes. Dave gets quite excited looking at them, except he can’t do anything about it.  Scene 2: You have all been asking for years for Irene to face sit a slave during a production. Here it is! Irene holds his face down frequently with her gorgeous ass (which is nude under pantyhose) while he screams. Dave is restrained to a bondage table with a waist harness, bondage mitts, a leather “bite” gag, thigh to wrist restraints and ankle restraints.

DVD 5 AMARAY "Irene Boss meets Lady Cheyenne"


Lady Cheyennes video debut at the Compound! . The slave is led around on a leash, and is made to play bizarre counting games in the school room. he is completely mummified in the black room – smothered, sat on, trampled, stood on, hung upside down, electrocuted, and endures cbt and nipple play.

"Pig Boy"

Lady Cheyenne and the Boss finally get together to tame a wild pig beast with bondage, corporal, single tailed whipping, verbal, ice cubes up the butt, nipple torment, heavy spanking, foot worship, and a severe caning. Irenes sexy rubber covered ass and Cheyennes amazing bare tanned legs working over the cross dressed slave will keep you very entertained. Mesmerizing foot worship scene with Lady Cheyenne while Irene watches.

DVD 5 AMARAY "Chop sticks torture and domestic servitude"


This production flips back and forth between dungeon play and domestic servitude. It speaks of the difference between play sessions and real service. Two slaves are chosen as demonstration tools to highlight this educational endeavor. Dungeon Play: Irene invites her friend (the devious disciplinarian) Louise D. over to share some techniques in the use of kitchen appliances as dungeon tools AKA the frugal disciplinarian. Irene wears a beautiful rubber costume and Louise is striking in a black cat suit with white corset. Slave Dave is restrained on the pillory. The Ladies work him over with the tawse, slappers and whips. Louise makes a mixture of salt and water for his wounds, and sprays rubbing alcohol on his raw ass cheeks. He is turned face forward on the pillory for chop sticks torture on his nipples and genitals. He moans and screams. There is also some cock whipping with smaller implements.

DVD 5 AMARAY "A hitch hikers Guide to the Compound"


Scene 1: Irene Boss and Goddess Claudia like to play with their guns (Glock and  Beretta to be exact). They are bored and therefore are planning the abduction of a male hitch hiker in broad daylight. While sitting on the porch at the Compound in their leather pants, they stroke their guns suggestively and talk about gun fetish right to the cameras. Scene 2: They take off in Irene’s big black envoy and heads towards the fruit loop which is a favorite Pittsburgh hangout for male prostitutes. They find a regular guy instead in the Frick Park area, and seduce him into the vehicle with the hope of sex. He thinks he’s going to get some, but the Ladies have other plans! Their guns are drawn and he becomes a quivering mess. He is told that he will be their entertainment hostage for the evening.  Scene 3: The Ladies change into dominatrix costumes and whip the slave.

DVD 5 BOOK BOX "The accidental gardener" 


Scene 1: Irene Boss is visiting Mistress Shane in Antwerp Belgium. They are sitting in the courtyard outside Shane’s studio on a lovely October evening making conversation while wearing leather corsets, skirts, girdles, heels, boots, and hose. They look divine and you have just entered heaven. Suddenly, they notice that the gardener has done a very poor job maintaining the grounds. Mistress Shane is embarrassed by this. Something must be done! Irene and Shane make a ‘tree’ out the gardener by commanding him to hold branches between his legs and arms. Then the ladies punish the tree with their whips! The slave is then left to stand in the courtyard all night long bearing the marks from the implements. Scene 2: On the second floor of Mistress Shane’s new modern dungeon (one of the loveliest play spaces on earth) the gardener is restrained to a St. Andrew’s cross for weighted CBT, and genitorture. Clothespins are whipped from his body.

DVD 5 AMARAY "Moranag's Revenge"  


A couple visits the Boss and Anastasia for guidance in their D/s relationship.

The husband had become lazy, rude, and disrespectful to the young wife.

Irene Boss notices immediately, and asks the wife to give a demonstration of how she spanks with a hairbrush. Then, Irene and Anastasia tag teem him for a very thorough over the knee experience. He is taught to fear the whip, while his wife tortures his cock with a remote controlled shocking devise and cruelly twists his aching nipples. He is marched upstairs to the Gothic Dungeon, where he is placed into a stockade for more spanking, tickling, electroshock, cbt, and nipple torment. His 'oddesy' ends strapped over the punishment box; fearing the the three women, who verbally admonish him.

DVD 5 BOOK BOX "The adventures of rubber bob"


Frisky reporter visits the Compound in guise, and soon gets figured out. Mistress Anastasia and The Boss put him through his paces in every single room at the Compound. This tape is a must if you would like a tour, as well as voyeuring some fantastic action. Upside down suspension, NT, CBT, spinning bondage wheel, electro-play, inflatable rubber body bag, and punishment box just to name a few. Mistresses in strap-ons and full rubber with thigh-high leather metallic boots. Tons of rubber bondage gear and outfits! Inflatable rubber bondage ball, and femmed on a latex sissy maid performing a fashion show at the end, in patent leather thigh-high ballet boots.

For the rubber fetishist.

DVD 5 AMARAY "Jayne's sex change"


Imagine being deliberately 15 minutes early to serve your Mistresses, because you were 15 minutes late the last time and want to avoid punishment. 1). Lobby: Mistress Morgana, Mistress Anastasia and the Boss decide to teach jayne a lesson by taking turns raping her mouth for a full 15 minutes in the dark lobby. jayne is told to sit on a metal spike mat while she sucks the strap ons. 2). Sissy Room: Next sassy jayne is taken upstairs where she is told to strip. 3). Interrogation chamber: Once properly attired jayne is placed standing in the middle of the room, fastened with her arms in the air and legs spread. The Ladies make her watch with virtual reality glasses, while she takes some heavy corporal, cbt, and nipple play. 4). Clinic: The sex change begins, with some intense cleaning to wash away the man. jaynes tittie size is increased with a cupping set during her pregnancy and period. 5). Gothic Dungeon: jaynes treatment ends in the sit sling.

DVD 5 BOOK BOX "A dogs day at the North Sea"



MIB Productions traveled all the way to the North Sea! Irene is building sandcastles near the ocean in an electric blue latex cat suit, while “alpha dog” is playing fetch with his owner Sublime Lady Amazon of OWK (Holland). Lady Amazon makes her dog run into the cold water many times to retrieve his toys. He gets playful and decides to run through Irene’s sand castle, tries to dunk her, and also buries her shoes! It is obvious that alpha dog mush be punished for this behavior. There he is caged and prodded. He is placed high in the air in suspension rope bondage and hung to be whipped, flogged and cropped. He is place in upright suspension (in a mask), wrapped in cellophane with roses (many thorns), and Irene whips the heads off the flowers.


DVD 5 BOOK BOX "Irene Boss meets Mistress Denetra"


The Boss and Denetra conquer former Compound houseboy little johnny with the most extreme tickling and brutal bondage imaginable! Highlights include: 2 Duct tape mummification bondage scenes with breath control, feet tickling, side tickling, nipple tickling, face sitting, and foot smothering. The Mistresses are very verbal throughout. Mistress Denetra is the Black Power Ultimatrix! Johnny is restrained over the punishment box so the Ladies can enjoy his tender back and bottom. He is spanked, humiliated about his dirty ass, and treated like a sissy fairy. He is very verbal and animated throughout. Intense play!

DVD 5 "The Taming of Bess"


The debut of Bess. They find the brat having a little chat with her master on the phone. The kitchen gets smashed to smithereens. Anastasia grabs bess and gives her a sound over the knee spanking! The ladies want to play - so they tease her with double and two handed flogging, pussy-cropping, electricity, spanking, nipple play, gagging, and elecro-hypnotherapy. The climax of the video finds her in the schoolroom, receiving a sound birching from the Mistresses while she is strapped over the punishment box (a New West/Leda design) and some intense tickle torture. Her poor feet are tormented by  2 inch long fingernails. Poor Bess is straight jacketed and tightly tied in a chair, and you hear her recite her house rules.

DVD 5 BOOK BOX "Irene Boss meets Sabrina Belladonna"


Filmed on location in Los Angeles. Boss and Belladonna light up the cigars and dominate 2 submissive male creatures in this journey into hell. slave robert gets way more than he bargained for when the Mistresses decide to use him as a scale, chair, cushion, ashtray, and eventually train him as a domestic house cat! Big time cigar smoking fetishes here! The poor cameraman workhorse is even drug into the shoot to participate and gets used and trampled as well. Bondage, cbt, humiliation, vaudevillian humor, evil laughter, smoking, big top whip cracking, and foot fetish are among the D/s delicacies that form this remarkable video. A smothering scene by Boss, and Sabrina tramples and scratches the slave with Her long lacquered toenails.

DVD 5 "B, P, and T"  


Scene 1: Private Nicola has been a lazy soldier. She isn’t in her military regulation clothing when Officer’s Irene and Gemini storm her barracks in search of contraband. They find chocolate, dildos, S/M paraphernalia, and OWK magazines! Private Nicola’s hair is not military regulation. She looks like someone’s college aged daughter who just dropped out of school with that silly mow hawk she’s sporting! Irene and Gemini wrestle her to the floor tearing her clothes off. Next, she is interrogated about the contraband and told what she must endure if she wants to avoid court marshal. Nicola is made to bark like a dog, grovel and beg for the two female officers. She is kicked in the ass repeatedly and slapped across the face. This is rough treatment and she really deserves it. The private is a sassy brat who likes to talk back.

DVD 5 BOOK BOX "Your appearance is in question"  


Three scenes! Scene 1: ‘Office boy’ Dave is being scolded about his appearance by CEO Irene Boss. Dave has been stripped down to his black boxers, but Irene looks sharp and snazzy in her expensive suit, lace topped stockings, and sexy pinstriped pumps. Her hair is long and flowing too. Dave’s hair is the problem here, and his nails. His appearance is substandard and an embarrassment to the Boss. He indulges in an extremely humiliating foot worship scene with creative verbal onslaught, as only Irene can do. Irene removes her jacket. He is restrained over the punishment box for intense paddling, caning, and strapping (razor strap and tawse). Many different rattan canes are used upon him, including the white lightening, nasty bastard, and carbonite (indestructible) implements. Irene finishes with a steel martinet. Scene 2: Enter Mistress Gemini!

DVD 5 "Inside the masochistic circus - screw the thorns!"  


Starring Irene Boss, Mistress Shane, and slave Kermit. Part one of this series was filmed in October by MIB Productions (BossDVD.Com), on location at the studio of Mistress Shane in Antwerp Belgium. Mistress Shane’s slave Kermit is bound and determined to put on a show! We begin our journey with him standing in an archway outside in the courtyard showing off for the 2 Mistresses. You will not believe how many weights he can swing from his numerous genital piercings. The things he does are simply unbelievable! Kermit wears a red lingerie set, chrome collar, and high heels while he is spread in the archway. His nipples are tortured severely. He is cropped, caned on his lower stomach and cock. He begs while sucking a dildo, is tortured with a pinwheel, and manages to have an orgasm as a result of this cruelty.

DVD 5 BOOK BOX "The Adventures of Johnny Utah" 


The premise: Irene and Cheyenne flew all the way out to Los Angeles to make a video with Bart and he has decided that he has retired because he has a new girlfriend! He volunteers Johnny Utah to be his stand in. This is unacceptable. Irene and Cheyenne decide to tackle Bart and make him to be in the video! They turn Johnny Utah into the camera man. Bart is wrestled to the floor and stripped naked by the two aggressive Dominas, and he is restrained and beat up with boxing gloves too! Bart is strapped to the spinning wheel

DVD 5 BOOK BOX "Bullwhipped Bastard" 


Irene invites her friend over to witness and partake in a bullwhipping/corporal discipline session! Dave is in upside down suspension braving the rigors of stomach cropping with extensive cbt, double flogging, predicament bondage, and paddling. He is hoisted right side up, and a different electric box is used to torture his package. He is corrected with a nylon paddle and lash. He is restrained over the punishment box to receive the singletail, signal, and bullwhip. Her friend is invited to launch into him with a heavy paddle twice.

DVD 5 "Extreme Caning and Whipping"


In the gothic dungeon, extremely severe bullwhipping and dildo training is taking place on a masochistic male by Boss and Anastasia. The slave is then strapped over the punishment box, and literally whipped and fucked across the room. Mistresses in black leather and lingerie. Poor slave girl Bess is placed in black patent leather ankle ballet boots on her tip toes and tied to the whipping post, and takes it! Very extended and severe bondage and whipping. An MIB classic!

DVD 5 "Extreme lessons in bullwhipping"


In the Compounds OWK Room, Domina Irene is showing Goddess Claudia the new upside down suspension system. The creature macho bitch is hoisted in a thick leather arm binder for the most severe bullwhipping imaginable. Boss and Claudia take turns with the whips, and trade them frequently and move around the room to get better angles. Macho Bitch is dressed in one of Irenes old stripper costumes. The bitch is then moved to the whipping post and receives more of the same.

DVD 5 "Smoking Nuns" 


A young hoodlum is discovered smoking in the schoolroom by Sister Morgana. Sister Irene was out patrolling the grounds when a cigarette fell from the sky. Additionally, this pupil had hocked a loogy on the chalk board. Strict over the knee spanking and brutal hairbrush discipline. The punishment box is put to good use with rope bondage featuring fanny attention with the taws and razor strap. This is guaranteed to be the severest paddling you have ever seen. English and American style caning in the caning stockade.

DVD 5 BOOK BOX "The Initiation"


Starring Lady Cheyenne, Irene Boss, and Sapphires debut on film! Sapphire wants the job so bad that she decides to go along with everything Irene Boss and Lady Cheyenne want her to do. First she must strip. She is placed on the spinning wheel. Irene and Cheyenne take turns flogging her. Irene licks her nipples. Vibrating nipple clamps are attached, and a vibrator is tucked into Sapphires underpants. Her pussy is cropped.

DVD 5 "The new girl" 


From the office, to the dungeon, to the schoolroom. Role play, SM, rubber fetish, and corporal discipline! Scene 1: Irene has hired Spanky to be her office manager for the weekend, to see how things go. During a routine office inspection Spanky is found to be surfing the web and goofing off. She did not write out the checks to pay the bills, and she was discovered impersonating Irene over the phone. Irene instructs Spanky to sort videos for awhile, and the whole time Spanky is fantasizing about nasty rubber goings-on

DVD R BOOK BOX "The Best of BondCon"


A slave girl is restrained to a St. Andrews Cross on tiptoes bondage ballet boots. She is wearing a black girdle and stockings with black kid opera length gloves. Mistress Brianna flogs her, while Irene sensuously tortures her nipples. Irene and Brianna continue to torment the bound slave, who is next fastened over a bondage bench for spanking, paddling, double flogging, caning and sensuous tease and denial. Her hands are placed in metal bondage balls.

DVD R BOOK BOX "Breaking the Rules"  


Nice girls who like spanking dont think about nasty painful S/M games right? Wrong! This new feature breaks all the rules! Red hot action. Mistress Antoinettes video debut at the Compound. Irene shares a girl for some inescapable bondage, tit torture, smothering, breast worship with the slave girl - who is unable to move an inch - enduring intense torture. There is also some good old fashioned over the knee bare bottom spanking.



A rubber good time...Highly erotic...Scene 1: Slave Whisper has been told that must shine Irenes costume to perfection, from the tips of her toes to the top of her mask. Whisper is then placed in liquid latex on a steel bed for nipple and genitorture with clothes pins, crops and paddles, before being placed in bondage on the floor to sexually service Irene. The sound of Irene walking around in a rubber skirt is awesome! Scene 2 with Mistress Antoinette of Tampa Florida.

DVD 5 "The Female Disciplinary Manual"


The Boss and Claudia tag team a brat for a domestic discipline scene. She was caught being naughty again, and was soundly disciplined in this classic school room fantasy.  Over the knee bare bottom spanking, tawsing, paddling, and spanking are just a few of the CP delights that await you.  Filmed in the Compounds school room.  Boss and Claudia in professional business womens attire, and brat in jeans and t-shirt.  Strict spanking. 

DVD 5 "OWK American Style"


Filmed at the Compound. The video debut of Lady Sage. Boss invites Her Friends over - Mistress Anastasia, Lady Cheyenne, and Lady Sage to see Her new OWK room at the Compound, and experiment on a living figurine with implements. Unfortunately, the slave Irene summoned for the Ladies entertainment is behaving in a rude and sullen manner. Boss sequesters him in the jail cell area, and you get a worms eye view of each Lady ascending the stairs to lend Boss a hand in his discipline.

DVD R BOOK BOX "Its Electric!"  


Watch the Boss and Louise D. rock slave Mathews world with this strict journey into suspension bondage and electricity! The tale begins with our naughty boy strapped up in the air for some serious electro and genital torture. The new voice activated electroshock system is demonstrated! rubber slave is ordered to change his attire several times and the Mistresses do as well. you will love Louises gorgeous black leather custom designed corset and the Bosss skin tight black rubber cheek shorts.

DVD R BOOK BOX "Water boy"  


How much hole-y water can a slave possibly take? You will be amazed at water boy. Hes the energizer bunny! What a good camper. He must drink at least 10 in this new video. Swishy begins his adventure mummified in saran wrap on the hospital bed in the Compounds medical room. He wears a bright red rubber hood throughout. Irene Boss and Anastasia in black body stockings, lingerie, top hats, and military hats. There is a great deal of laughter! CBT and nipple play occurs while this is going on!

DVD 5 BOOK BOX "The Discount whore house"  


The story begins with Irene Boss and Lady Cheyenne admiring the slaves fresh breast augmentation. Irene is dressed in a custom electric blue cat suit with silver fetish heels, and Cheyenne wears a pewter cat suit with key hole cut out and silver boots. Both Ladies wear gas masks. slave is decked out in a rubber French maids dress and restrained to the new black leather bondage couch. A cacophony of bi takes place!

DVD 5 BOOK BOX "Pantyboy"  


Louise D., Mistress Anastasia and The Boss discipline an errant male for surfing the net and masturbating. Smoking fetish - cigars. Dominas wear full leather in the interrogation room while the slave dances for Them in a pink t-back. Brutal caning/kicking/bullwhipping sequence as well. If you liked "Sent to The BOSS", then you will love this 3 against 1 extravaganza! The power these 3 Ladies have over this slave is amazing. For the smoking and kicking enthusiast.

DVD 5 "Bullwhipped tranny bitch"


The story opens with macho bitch suspended upside down in the Compounds new OWK room, wearing a red rubber dress, red pony tail hood, white patent leather boots, and a black leather arm binder. Irene and Anastasia assault him with predicament bondage, c&b, single tail whipping, flogging, spanking, intense dildo sucking, spitting, and body worship. Irene Boss and Anastasia in black mesh cat suits and strap ons.

DVD R BOOK BOX "A visit to Dr. Boss"  


You have been asking for an intense medical video for years, so here it is! Mistress Anastasia and the Boss dominate little Suzie with some alternative therapies. Very bizarre and humiliating! Inflatable nozzle enema, cascade enema, strap on play, spiting, surgical steel sounds, dildo training, catheterization, and electro play. Extremely verbal throughout. For the medical enthusiast.

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